The Animals

Holding a fresh, warm egg in your hand connects you to your food in a powerful way—there are not really words to explain it.  

The farm animals at Peacehaven are managed in a way that mimics nature.  Using nature’s template, the livestock are fed vegetarian and grass-based diets, always out in the fresh air and sunshine, and moved periodically to new forage, away from yesterday’s excrement.  These animals are managed to heal the land, educate the community about healthy food production systems, bring people together through work and to provide high quality, nutritious food.

Animal on Farm

Most people who visit the farm love to see the animals and especially to collect the eggs.  All of our animals have distinct personalities and they enrich life on the farm.  From gentle Jake, the guard dog, constantly standing watch over the fields, to the bossy roosters, shy ducks and busy chickens, to the peaceful sheep, to flying grasshoppers and birds, the pastures are full of life.  Our garden animals also grace our work with their presence—from Boom, the cat, keeping us company from the shade of a squash plant, to Tessa, the dog, stealing our work gloves, to our bees in their pink hives painted by a breast cancer support group—they all brighten our days.