Community Supported Agriculture reconnects people with the farms producing their food.  In 2012, Peacehaven sold CSA shares to the community for the Spring/Summer and Fall seasons.  As the harvest is collected, members receive a portion of produce grown over 20 weeks.  The garden provides a wide assortment of produce to its CSA members who either pick up their box at the farm or one of our community drop off locations.  On average, members receive about $15 of fresh produce each week.  The members share the bounty when our crops succeed and they also share in the downside when the weather, insects or other variables impede our harvest.  

csaCSA members receive a weekly e-newsletter that shares stories about the farm and our workdays and provides culinary tips and recipe suggestions for utilizing the week’s produce. Members also can add handmade artisian breads and cheeses and free range eggs to their deliveries.

If you love to eat, appreciate freshness and flavor, value local farming, and are willing to explore a different way to think about your food, please consider joining Peacehaven for a CSA subscription season!


Buying locally grown produce through our CSA program means you are:

  • helping individuals with special needs
  • investing in the local economy
  • living green by purchasing food that was grown with minimal impact on the planet
  • decreasing your carbon footprint by minimizing the distance your food travels to your plate
  • living healthy by purchasing food that was grown naturally without hazardous chemicals 

We are grateful for the outstanding support we have received for our CSA program. While we expand our work from the garden to completion of our first house, the CSA program at Peacehaven will not be offered for the 2014 growing season. Check back for updates on plans for our 2014 harvest.