Monthly Giving

Peacehaven Cultivators

Monthly givers are called Peacehaven Cultivators. They are a special group of loyal supporters who provide a consistent and reliable source of funding that enables us to plan ahead to create opportunities for those with special needs in our community.

Why Give Monthly?

Whether it’s to fund our gardens that supplement our Core Members vegetable diets, the expansion of our garden and renewable energy sources, or transportation for our Core Members to their jobs, giving a little each month just makes sense. It’s simple, convenient, and easy to set up! It’s a great way for you to make an impactful and lasting contribution to Peacehaven’s mission.   

Liz B. says:

"We give monthly to Peacehaven Farm because it is convenient s, and actually allows us to give more than we could if we gave just one time each year. But more importantly, we give to Peacehaven because we believe in its mission and have witnessed the transformations possible as a result of being at Peacehaven.”

 Megan D. says:

 “I'm not always able to make it out to the farm each week to give of my time but my monthly contribution is a way for me to know I am always giving and supporting a cause that I love AND believe in." 

Here is how your monthly gift can make a big difference!

monthly pledge, using a credit card or bank draft,  is one of the best ways to help us grow this amazing community for adults with disabilities.  Become part of the backbone that sustains our work and join the Peacehaven Cultivators today!