The Farm

A Place of Destination

Peacehaven sits on 89 beautiful acres of woodlands, gardens and meadows that support a sustainable farming program which provides for community and day activities for those working and volunteering at the farm. 

peacehaven farmThe farm has become a place of destination for both those with special needs and the community at large, with over 13,000 hours of volunteer hours in our first two growing seasons, producing over 15,000 pounds of vegetables. In appreciation of our community support and our concern for those who are hungry, Peacehaven has donated a significant portion of its harvest to local food pantries. Beginning in 2014, the farm will provide fresh, local, organically grown produce to feed our on-site community living in Susan's View.

The best thing about a farm is there is a job for everyone—it provides vocational, educational and social activities for all people. Each person that comes to Peacehaven brings unique gifts—gardeners, great cooks, goat milkers, photographers, carpenters, conversationalists, people who smile and laugh, the list is endless—and that is what gives the farm life.