The Garden

Life centers around the community garden.  From March through October, a diverse and enthusiastic group of folks fill the garden with work, a little sweat and a lot of joy.  We have observed that human bonds created between “gardeners” have the potential to transcend social barriers.  Our garden yields much more than just fresh vegetables.  It is a holy place—in this fast-paced world, the garden provides a space to cultivate appreciation for the ordinary gifts of grace, the value of living in the present, the art of listening, and the healing power of nature. The magic of a garden is that as we seek to cultivate the land, the garden cultivates us.

The biggest challenge in the garden has been accessibility.  We have dedicated the only flat area in the front of the farm to build an accessible garden with raised planters that will allow everyone to work, learn, and relax in the garden together.

peacehaven garden

There are many lessons to be learned in the garden—from the land and from each other. The opportunity to experience dirt and the many forms of life that exist in the garden is new to many people.  Our farm manager usea the opportunity to teach people about sustainable agriculture and its importance in the long term viability of the farm and the quality of life we value for people on the farm and our world.