Community Workdays

We welcome all to join us for our community workdays. Community support is the heart of Peacehaven and we need YOU!!

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ALL VOLUNTEERS: Please complete our volunteer application. In addition, a Waiver must be completed once each year by all volunteers before their first volunteer activities at the farm.

ADULT VOLUNTEERS: If you are 18 years or older, please complete this online waiver. 

VOLUNTEERS WHO ARE UNDER 18:  This waiver must be completed by a parent/guardian. If attending with parent/guardian, the adult can complete online waiver on behalf of the minor.

ADULT GROUP: If it's your first time this year volunteering at the farm, please complete the  online waiver. If you are a college/university student, please provide your school email address, or both your school and personal email address. 

YOUTH or SCHOOL GROUP: Adult group leaders should complete their own online waiver. Group members who are younger than 18 should print & complete this waiver in advance and bring with you to the farm, signed by your parent/guardian. 

For more information or to inquire about other volunteer possibilities, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Becky Cain or call the office at 336.449.9900.

From the first community workday on March 6, 2010 when the bare ground of a sloping hillside was blanketed with people working to create our garden, Saturday workdays quickly became the favorite day of the week.  From March through October, hundreds of people have joined us on Saturdays to work together from 9 until noon and then to share a finger-lickin’, diet-busting pot-luck meal.  In the middle of the growing season, we also add a weekday work time.  These workdays affirm our vision of Peacehaven as a place for gathering and celebration for all people.

Every week as the garden fills with people, we find ourselves thinking about what draws folks to Peacehaven.  Surely there are as many answers to that question as there are people that show up to work every week.  For sure, there is the satisfaction of joining with others to create something big…something important…something that improves our world.  We see that every week and are thankful.  We also see the changes that happen to each of us as we go about this work.  The happiness we experience as we pile in the back of a pickup truck to ride to the back of the farm …the memories we recall of how to have fun as we watch a couple young boys enjoy playing in the mud…the pleasure we have in learning new things…the joy of being with a diverse group of people with and without special needs…the completeness we experience in sharing this work with others—we see changes like these every week and are thankful.  Perhaps these are the best changes of all…perhaps these are the changes that most improve our world.

This we know—what is good for this land is also good for our spirits.  We are grateful to the community for working, learning, and for sharing your gifts with us.  Peacehaven is not possible without you!!