Resident Assistants

Peacehaven offers a unique opportunity to live and learn fulltime with adults with special needs on a community-supported, sustainable farm.  A core ethic is the hope that learning and growth be an opportunity not just for individuals with special needs living and working at the farm but also for all.

This Resident Assistant Program was developed for our first residence (and future homes), the existing farm program and the many other programs needed for our core members.  Programming includes farm and garden work, pottery making, fiber art, painting, craft work, music, sports, academic education, jobs inside and outside the community, and a host of other opportunities for the core members to develop to their potential and engage with the broader community. 

Peacehaven currently has four Resident Assistants. They have a critical role in creating a community where the values of service, sharing, and recognition of every individual’s gifts and contributions will offer a model of renewal for the wider society. As we are celebrating where the paths of our current Resident Assistants are taking them in the future, we are also looking towards our new class of Resident Assistants. You may click here to read more indepth about this position and to see a video about the life of a Resident Assistant at Peacehaven. Click here to see a job description and here for a job application. Please submit job applications to Becky Cain at

Laura Grier, a resident assistant in 2014-2015, recently shared her experience living at Peacehaven Community Farm. You can watch that here in this video.