Other Opportunities

We all know some of the best foods are made up of different ingredients and this is what we also believe about Peacehaven.  There are many opportunities beyond our workdays and working in the garden to be involved.  As Peacehaven begins to take shape, we welcome your all of your insights and contributions.

A group gathers in Greensboro every week to work with our fiber art program and to develop products that our residents can one day create and market.  They process the wool first by skirting, cleaning and dying it.  Then they card it and either felt or spin it in preparation for crafting it into items for sell.  View some of these items in our online store (link), at the Indie Market at First Friday in Greensboro and at Design Archives in downtown Greensboro.

jars of foodThe farm provides an endless assortment of projects that are suitable for Scouts or for groups.  Additionally, we always need volunteers to help with special events as they are planned or to volunteer in the house sharing time with the core members. 

For more information or to schedule a group, please email our Farm Volunteer Coordinator, Becky Cain, or call the office at 336.449.9900. For information about volunteering specifically in the house, email Olivia Smith, Housing Volunteer Coordinator, at olivia.smith@peacehavenfarm.org