Residential Plan

The Dream

Peacehaven was founded to be a place for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities to live independently within the embrace of the community around them.  It was started with 89 acres of beautiful, rolling farmland, a collapsing barn and a dream for a place where:

  • Everyone is valued.
  • Everyone can contribute.
  • Everyone can become the person they are meant to be when in a nurturing, supportive environment.


Guided By The Land

The land has guided many of the decisions around the development of Peacehaven and will impact the lives of all people who live, work and volunteer at the farm.  The initial focus has been to develop the front of the property, to establish a community garden, to renovate the barn, to reclaim a small pasture area for animals and to create an accessible garden area for people with mobility challenges.  


Family-like Homes

In 2012, Peacehaven partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Greensboro to begin the infrastructure work needed for our first home, Susan’s View.  Susan’s View is perched on a hill above the community garden in the front of the property and completed in 2014.  There are plans to build additional homes that will cluster together on a ridge in a beautiful field toward the middle of the property.  Ultimately, Peacehaven will be the home for 30+ adults with disabilities.

Peacehaven seeks to create a family-like environment in each home and strong sense of community among all of its homes.  The homes will all have private bedrooms and bathrooms, along with a shared kitchen, dining area, living room and laundry room.  Core members will be able to furnish their bedrooms to their personal taste.   All homes will feature Universal Design and be completely physically accessible so that as core members age, their home at Peacehaven will continue to accommodate their needs.


Green is Good for Everyone

Peacehaven is committed to sustainability and energy conservation in its residential units as well as in its agricultural operations.   All homes will be built to the National Association of Homebuilders Green Building Standard, the foremost green rating system for residential construction in the United States and to the Advanced Energy SystemVision Guarantee.  Green building elements will include photovoltaic panels to reduce net electrical energy use and a solar domestic hot water system.

The overall site and construction design of Peacehaven Community Farm has been specifically developed to emphasize sustainability, accessibility and attractiveness not only to its residents but also to the surrounding community.   The hope is that Peacehaven will be a place for gathering and celebration.