The most basic community any of us will ever experience is that of our own families. On a farm everyone is needed and can contribute. Peacehaven residents live in homes and share life and meals with other community members.  They are valued and their community models a family.  Living with others emphasizes what a person can accomplish, give and learn. Just as in a family, all members of the community are responsible for the group's well-being, be it at home, in the garden or a day program, through cooking or washing up, through a helping hand, a smile or a joke.

peacehaven communityWhat is learned in the home, in work areas, in craft workshops, in therapies will be enhanced by community life and by exposure to the world beyond Peacehaven.  Our residents will enjoy an abundance of opportunities that encourage the discovery and development of their unique talents, capabilities and interests and provide occasions for interaction with the local community and beyond. 

Our Community Workdays that bring hundreds of volunteers to the farm each season to work together and to build relationships with fellow “farmers” will be a weekly highlight.  The Saturday potluck lunch has already established a special time for folks to gather and celebrate the gift of diversity and friendship—and finger-lickin’ local food!