Our community is about growth.  Life on the farm provides an environment for residents, interns, home coordinators, volunteers, and staff to experience growth all around them as they grow into the people God wants them to become.  

Peacehaven FarmWork is a challenging and rewarding part of daily life, as each person participates in activities suited to his or her interests and capabilities.  Peacehaven will provide a variety of opportunities to develop new talents and pursue a vocation. Work in the garden, with the livestock, in the craft and pottery workshops, in the kitchen and within the home will enable the people of our community to develop a variety of skills and provide purpose and an experience of accomplishment. Every person will have the satisfaction of making a significant contribution to the well-being of the farm community. 

Weekdays are structured by the morning and afternoon work sessions and family-style meals shared in the home. Activities will include jobs around the farm and in the community.  At night and on weekends, special events will encourage residents to relax and have fun together. The Saturday Community Workday that brings hundreds of volunteers to the farm each season to work together and to build relationships with fellow “farmers” will be a weekly highlight.  

We believe that people with special needs are teachers—they teach us to try, to live in the present, to be present to others. With our residents gaining agricultural skills and knowledge on a daily basis, we look forward to the leadership and inspiration they will be able to provide for our community volunteers. One of our core members, Jeff Piegari, recently attended the North Carolina Youth Leadership Forum.The forum was designed to help foster emerging youth and young adult leaders between 15-30 years old, teaching them to advocate in each of their communities. This opportunity was aimed at empowering and allowing youth to experience independence while finding their own voice. Jeff produced the following presentation to share with all of you what his week was like. Great job, Jeff!

Girl Scout Sarah Billings has worked on her Gold Award here at Peacehaven. As a part of her Award, a photography project, Sarah has created this photographic overview of the first year in Susan's View. Please click here to view this gallery of photos.