Your Role in Our Community

At the core of Peacehaven is community—creating a place that recognizes the gifts of all people.  For your family member, this translates into a home where they can reveal their gifts to the world.  If you decide for your loved one to live at Peacehaven, you have chosen to be part of this community as well.  Your gifts are also an essential part of our community and can be shared in countless ways.  Some possibilities are:

Your Financial Support

Peacehaven would not be possible without the generosity of parents and guardians and the friends and family of our residents.  The tuition does not cover the cost of the high quality of life your family member enjoys.  It is the expectation that all parents/guardians contribute over and above the tuition to the extent they are able to do so.  These contributions can be made any time throughout the year and/or during our annual campaign and other fundraising efforts.

peacehaven communityYour Ideas and Time

There are many opportunities for you to be involved in the life and mission of Peacehaven.  The volunteer workdays are an important time of engagement with the broader community and essential to maintaining the farm.  We also need parent members to serve on various committees to provide input.  There are endless opportunities to be involved—your ideas and time are an invaluable part of our community.

Being a member of the Peacehaven Community is a life-changing opportunity for our residents and their families.  As you watch your loved one grow and thrive in our community, you may be surprised to find you do too!  We are thankful for you and gifts you bring to Peacehaven.