Susan’s View, Our First House

The dream became a reality in 2013 when work on Peacehaven’s first home, Susan’s View, began.   Providing a family-like home is at the core of Peacehaven’s mission and represents the central vision of one of its founders, Susan Elliott, for whom the first house is named.  Susan passed away in 2009 but her vision of what Peacehaven can be and the difference it can make in the lives of people with special needs and for the larger community continues to direct the farm’s development.

Susan's ViewPeacehaven partnered with Habitat Greensboro and the farm’s many volunteers and supporters to build Susan’s View.  This first home accommodates one home coordinator suite, 4 core members and three resident assistants. The community workdays validate the belief that on a farm everyone is needed and can contribute. 

Girl Scout Sarah Billings has worked on her Gold Award here at Peacehaven. As a part of her Award, a photography project, Sarah has created this photographic overview of the first year in Susan's View. Please click here to view this gallery of photos.